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Celebrate Cultural Diversity with Cultural Fever

Experience a colourful performance that includes dances from all around the world (Italian, Spanish, African, Polynesian, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Indigenous, Irish-Australian & American) with a story, which promotes values and illustrates how we are all different.

This is a story about a girl called Mim, whose nonna gives her a ticket to fly to Italy. Not only does she buy her a plane flight to ‘bella Italia’, she also enters Mim in an international dance competition because she knows just how much Mim loves to dance. Mim really does love to dance but finds the whole idea extremely challenging as she feels she is not good enough and compares herself to others.

There are lots of opportunities for participation plus students get a chance to demonstrate dances from their own cultural background.


Performance Details

Levels : Prep - Year 6
Duration : 1 hour + discussion
Cost : $4.00 per student

After the performance, learn dance(s) from different countries!
Including American Hip Hop.


Follow-up Workshops (optional)

30 minute session
(2 classes max)
$2.00 per student

Performance can be adapted to complement the particular language taught at your school.


For enquiries and bookings call 03 9570 2581 or use the contact form.


good day!
guten tag
yia sau!
ni hao
kia ora
selamat pagi
konnichi wa


To see you having fun with different styles of dance & cultures, then making your dreams come true was integral to the students' learning. A great example for them to follow!
Mandeville Hall



Doing Your Best


Music was evocative & perfect to set the scene, very energetic & enthusiastic. Loved the Tarantella. costumes and the aboriginal dance.
St Peter's PS
Bentleigh East


Students were totally engaged throughout. They responded enthusiastically to story and music – spontaneous clapping, enthusiasm in answering questions and offering ideas
Tucker Rd PS

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