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" Both students & teachers thought it was excellent."

 - Yarram Secondary College



VELS Domains

  • Personal Learning
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Interpersonal Development

Bounce Right Back!

The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out...and do it. But often once is not enough. Bounce Right Back! focuses on the ingredients essential for achieving goals : Courage, Persistence, Resilience. This inspiring show traverses the stages of life and attempts to unravel the secret code CPR which ensures you always ... bounce right back!

The performance includes a dynamic range of dance and music - from funky rap to syncopated tap. There are non-stop costume changes, props, humour and lots of audience interaction.


  dances  soft shoe shuffle :: musical comedy :: techno :: hip-hop :: arabic/belly
                            dance :: tap :: swing :: contemporary/modern


VEL Domains

  • Communication
  • Thinking
  • The Arts



Students help beat bullies

When students are given an opportunity to stand back and reflect upon the experience of  someone who is a bully/being bullied, the results can be amazing. I Can Dance Theatre, travelling to schools with a performance that focuses on such issues, have repeatedly been impressed by students' advice. Their responses display a remarkable ability to understand and, what's more, participate in finding solutions to complex issues. Teachers have reported later on the positive effect of these insights on students' behaviour.

The importance of the arts in helping to cultivate student potential goes way beyond accountability.

Education Age  Dec. 6, 2004


Highly relevant to the

'You Can Do It'



" An engaging, entertaining show promoting self-esteem and social acceptance ... caters well for secondary students."

- Preston Girls Secondary College


VELS Domains

  • Personal Learning
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Interpersonal Development



Sway to Me

A complete theatrical experience, full  of colour and movement.  Explores issues of bullying, confidence and acceptance, with an energetic mix of dance ranging from cowboy tap to multicultural to hip hop.  We accompany the main character on her exciting journey of her final realization that all she needs to do is believe in herself.  Vibrant music, costumes and sets, plus plenty of opportunities for audience participation.

dances  Jazz :: Italian Tarantella :: Classical Spanish :: Indian :: Greek :: Aboriginal
Hip Hop :: Cowboy Tap :: Showbiz Tap

participation  Latin/African dance :: student advice :: student role play ::
                          hip hop improvisation

VEL Domains

  • Communication
  • Thinking
  • The Arts




Education Age June 6, 2001
Cover Story - Arts Takes the Initiative


performance details
Bounce Right Back!
Sway To Me


year 7 & 8
duration:  1 hour
(including 10 min discussion time)
cost:           $5.00
minimum 100 students / performance

follow-up workshops

$2.00 extra per student
30 minute session

- students learn a dance routine from the performance
  and/or other current dances
- workshops can be adapted to your requirements



Feeling embarrassed.  Shoved into a classroom of 'dummies', 'no-hopers',  those who were never going to get anywhere.  Well that's how it seemed at the time.  The result, she gave up, trying no longer even an option.  And the opposite scenario - high achiever, a straight A student. But fearful of not maintaining the standard, terrified it being 'discovered' that in fact she was not perfect at all.

Best friends, with these differing experiences, we have now come together on a professional level to form I Can Dance Theatre. Years and years of intimate talking, as best friends do, yet those old fears and feelings of shame were never voiced.  Until in the process of writing the play, they came out.  Helping to shape a story that encompasses issues of acceptance, confidence, bullying, and diversity; a show that is having an impact from all kinds of backgrounds.



"Student benefitted immensely
from participating in and contributing to the performance.  Well done".

- Sacred Heart College  Oakleigh



" A spectacular event!  It gives a secret message of hope - never to give up even if things don't seem the way you had hoped for.  Some Year 7s were chosen to perform with the dancers.  This was a laughable moment and everyone enjoyed it all."

- Student
St. James College
Bentleigh East

So what is it we've tapped into?  Something universal it seems. What isolates many of us is the belief 'it's only me'.  This can change when we realize we all have inherent weaknesses, we all feel insecure at times.  During the performance, when the audience gets to observe and identify with the dejected character on stage, and what's more has an opportunity to give her advice, isolation dissipates.

Flaws in thinking often result in feelings of inadequacy.  In our experience as students at school, we had a limited definition of intelligence.  To us, it was simple - you either had it or you didn't. In the play we explore further to come to the understanding that we each learn differently - have different strengths do things in different ways, develop at different rates.


When the character in the play is able to internalize these concepts, she blossoms.  Of course, it doesn't happen easily.  She struggles with feelings of not being good enough, hindered by the critical voice of bullying peer Gablet, and her own constant comparing.  Inspired by the exhilarating dancing, she despairs of ever being able to do it herself.  The turning point comes when she finally musters the courage to change her outlook and attempt the 'unattemptable'.  As she is told later, ' you had it there all along, it's just the way you think about yourself.'

Indeed it is.  And look where the journey has taken us.  A dance theatre company entertaining and illuminating thousands of students throughout Victoria.  Here's living proof.

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" Very innovative, creative, fast moving and engaging ...the audience was totally suspended....the boys (at Ivanhoe Grammar) were thoroughly enjoying themselves and responded extremely well....I believe this is exactly what schools and students need."

Judy Matthews
Catholic Education Dept.

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