I Can Dance


"Excellent, funky, enjoyable, cool, amazing,

- Students from Templeton Primary


we believe in innovative theatre which combines artistic form & social content

I Can Dance is a not for profit educational theatre inc. working with over 15,000 primary school students a year. It offers programs including performances, workshops and residencies that help develop social skills, self-esteem, resilience and physical well-being.

Mission Statement / Vision

to help children develop life skills, confidence and resilience through positive arts experience.
to provide children throughout Victoria from early childhood age with dance-based well-being programs which enhance their education and develop their physical and emotional health.
to promote dance as  a means of maintaining fitness, coordination, flexibility and a sense of rhythm throughout the life of the individual by making the experience enjoyable.
to encourage children to participate in dance as a means of creative expression and outlet for their energies.
to promote physically active and creative lifestyles through involvement with dance of all types and forms.

I Can Dance
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affiliated with RAV

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